Registration is now closed. For questions about last minute registrations, please contact Erich Rupprecht.  For information about lodging in the area, please click here. 

What is it?

You are invited to a Dedication Event at Deerfoot Blue Ridge! It’s an opportunity to celebrate the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness to Deerfoot. Join us as we:

• Dedicate the property to the Lord and His mission to build godly men.
• Experience and explore the property.
• Discuss facility plans and funding updates.
• Fellowship with Deerfooters from all generations.

Who's Invited?

If you have any Deerfoot connection at all, or are related to someone with a connection, or just know someone who talks about Deerfoot, then you’re invited! If you have no Deerfoot experience of your own, but are interested in this mission to build godly men, you’re invited! OR Anyone connected to or interested in Deerfoot and our mission of building godly men.


Deerfoot Blue Ridge property in Glenville, North Carolina.
Transportation to the site will be by shuttle from a local parking area.


We encourage the Deerfoot community to travel to the western North Carolina area on Friday, 23 September, since the main day of the dedication event is Saturday, 24 September. We realize that some people may not be able to stay for the Sunday morning program to make it back to their homes by the end of that day. The following is a preliminary schedule of events, subject to change.

Saturday, 24 September - 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Feel free to arrive later and depart earlier

• Snacks and beverages provided throughout the day
• Activities such as property tours, hiking, and games
• Lunch available from 12:00 noon to 1:30 PM (flexible time)
• Dedication service at 3:00 PM
• Celebration dinner & program at 5:30 PM
• Circle the lake with singing at 8:15 PM
• Campfire at 9:00 PM

Sunday, 25 September - 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Feel free to arrive later and depart earlier

• Snacks and beverages provided throughout the morning and mid-day
• Breaking of bread service at 9:00 AM
• Sunday worship service at 11:00 AM
• Lunch available from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (flexible time)

Hotel Accommodation

A listing of pre-arranged motel rooms is available here. If these accommodations become booked, we recommend looking for lodging in Sylva, Cashiers, Highlands, Brevard, or Asheville, North Carolina.

Camping and RV Facilities

The Ralph J. Andrews Campground operated by Jackson County is located on the shore of Lake Glenville, about five miles from Deerfoot Blue Ridge. It offers 47 camp sites for tents and RV’s, and accepts advance reservations for stays of at least two-nights (phone 828/743-3923).

Other tent and RV campgrounds can be found in the Highlands, Sylva, and Brevard areas.

Registration & Cost

Online registration is available here from June 3 to August 24, 2016, or until the event reaches capacity. The food, refreshments, shuttle transportation, and activities are included in the following registration charges:

Single - $75.00
Couple or 2 from the same household - $125.00
Family or 3+ from the same household - $175.00

We look forward to your participation in this opportunity for the Deerfoot community to gather at Trout Lake.