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Here are some of the more frequently asked questions.

Vision FAQ

Is Expansion a Good Idea?

ANSWER. If you know the history of Deerfoot, you know that we’ve resisted numerical growth for many years out of a concern that growth might change the nature of the very special Deerfoot experience. As the Board studied the needs of boys and men, there arose increasing discomfort about turning away so many each year that desperately need a place like Deerfoot.

Through a multi-year process of prayer and discussion, the Board believes that God is leading Deerfoot to a new era of ministry. While it will bring change, we think the special dynamics of the Deerfoot mission and experience will be preserved and even enhanced.

What's the Issue?

ANSWER. Deerfoot is capacity constrained at the Whitaker Lake location, and many boys who would like to register cannot attend.

More broadly, this is happening against a backdrop of the “boy crisis,” in which boys at a national level are having trouble navigating their way toward manhood. Places like Deerfoot are desperately needed in today’s world.

The vision to expand is not only an answer to the “wait list problem”, it is an opportunity to extend the reach of this critical mission to a whole new geographic region.

How will Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge (DL-BR) be SIMILAR to Deerfoot Lodge Adirondack (DL-ADK)?

ANSWER. Anyone who knows Deerfoot Lodge Adirondack will recognize Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge as the same kind of camp. The program ‘DNA’ will be the same. Expect an emphasis on instructional areas, tripping, challenges & growth, personal relationships, and spiritual depth. DL-BR will consist of three camper sections, just like at DL-ADK. Sessions will be two weeks long, the daily schedule nearly identical to that at DL-ADK, and living quarters will be rustic.

Though the staff members will be different at each site, campers should expect the same caliber of staff who come with the same heart and passion to serve, and bringing the same level of experience.

How will Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge (DL-BR) be DIFFERENT than Deerfoot Lodge Adirondack (DL-ADK)?

ANSWER. DL-BR is 900 miles from DL-ADK, in a whole new geographic area with different mountains, climate, plants, animals, culture and so on. Thus, we should expect distinctives at each camp which reflect the camp’s unique setting. Some of the differences may include… •

  • The section names (Woodsmen, Pioneer, and Indians) will be different from the names we use at DL-ADK. New section names have not yet been selected for DL-BR.

  • Living quarters will be rustic, but may differ than the cabins and teepees we use at DL-ADK.
  • Instructional Areas will need to make sense in each setting. For example, the Wildlife Instructional Standards we use at DL-ADK will need to be re-written in order to appy in the Blue Ridge Mountains where the tree, plant and animal life differs from the Adirondacks.
  • Tripping will present new opportunities. Backpacking will be the core trip activity at both DL-ADK and DL-BR. However, flatwater canoe trips, which are available at DL-ADK, are not as abundant in the Blue Ridge area. There may be opportunities to develop new tripping activities in the Blue Ridge area, such as Rock Climbing, or White Water sports (these are ideas that need much more exploration before we know if they are viable for Deerfoot).
Will Campers go to a New Deerfoot?

ANSWER. We hope so! For the same reasons many campers come to DL-ADK, we hope and expect campers will come to DL-BR. We’re going to need the Deerfoot family to help promote the opportunity in their circles of influence. Deerfoot would love to be invited to churches and other gatherings to share the vision and mission. For the first time in a long time, our doors will be wide open to new campers!

In 2015, about 30% of the campers at camp came from Maryland and south. Since campers are willing to drive or fly that far to DL-ADK, we hope many will find DL-BR to be an attractive alternative. Granted, it is likely that DL-BR may feel like ‘overflow camp’ at the outset. We know, however, that once campers and staff experience it as “their camp”, it will feel to them as DL-ADK feels to those of us who have gone there for many years.

How Will this Vision be Funded?

ANSWER. This Vision is big! The Board understood from the beginning that the funds required for this are beyond Deerfoot’s ability. We prayed that God would provide and we committed ourselves to avoiding long term debt. If there is any borrowing of funds, it will not be greater than the unspent pledges we have.

God has already done wonders in our midst. The fact that we purchased the Trout Lake property without any long-term debt feels like a miracle. A small group of donors, along with all of our Board Members, provided the pledges needed for the property acquisition.

This is God’s place and it is His vision. We trust Him for the funds needed to accomplish His Work. Please pray with us. If you are able to participate in the funding, please join us!

When will Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge Open?

ANSWER. There is A LOT to do! The pace of the project will be as fast as practical. We’re not rushing because this requires thoughtful and deliberate steps. But we’re not dragging our feet either.

We know the urgency of the need and we intend to open as soon as we can. Our best case scenario “guess” is the summer of 2019.

How Will the Camp Leadership Change?

ANSWER. Obviously, this kind of vision will bring necessary changes to the organization of Deerfoot Lodge and its leadership structure. We’re committed to keeping Deerfoot Lodge as one organization that operates on two sites. The camps would share the same mission, the same values, the same program, but operate in different locations. Chief Ron’s role will continue as Executive Director, but his role will change to oversee two full time Summer Camp Managers, who will lead camp operations on respective sites. The Summer Camp Managers have not yet been identified or hired. DL-BR will also hire a Facility Manager who will function as Chief Ken Hoffman does at DL-ADK.