Deerfoot's Open Registration Phase has begun!  Click here or visit your CampInTouch Account to Register.

How to register for Camp: 

All registration is handled online via a program called CampInTouch.  

To see how to access CampInTouch and prepare for registration, CLICK HERE.  

To see a walk-through of the registration process from last year, CLICK HERE.  

Other Registration Facts:  

1.  We do not accept registrations for partial sessions.  For program and community reasons, it is disruptive for campers to arrive late or leave early.  Please review your schedule before registering and plan for your son to attend the full 2 week session.  

2.  The only change the registration system for 2019 is the inclusion of Deerfoot Blue Ridge as a registration option.  This will appear on the "select session" page of the application (see the 5:10 mark of this video).  Simply choose the session labeled for the camp you want to register at.  

3.  Father-Son Registration will not be part of your initial camper registration.  Once you have completed your camper registration you may register for Father-Son separately.  This registration form will appear on your CampInTouch page in the “Forms and Documents” section.

4.  With CampMinder, all your Deerfoot paperwork will now be in one place!  All forms related to your son’s time at camp will be done through CampInTouch.  This will include health forms and all other camp-related forms. 

5.  CampInTouch will also give you access to your Deerfoot account, where you can see any balance due, payment history, etc.  You can also make payments online through CampInTouch.  

If you have questions regarding this system, or about Deerfoot in general, please feel free to contact Chief Craig ( or Chief Nick (