2019 Camp Sessions

At both Deerfoot Adirondack and Deerfoot Blue Ridge, the season is divided into 2-week sessions. During each session, campers spend time learning outdoor skills, such as swimming, canoeing, camping, survival, and archery. (See the Awards Program for more info) Campers also go on two overnight hikes in the surrounding wilderness areas, where they are given a chance to practice some of the outdoor skills learned in main camp. During this time, campers are immersed in a Christ-centered community in which they are actively encouraged, through relationship, prayer, worship, and the DL camping experience.

Adirondack Session Dates for 2019
Session 1: June 22 - July 6
Session 2: July 6 - July 20
Session 3: July 20 - August 3
Session 4: August 3 - August 17

Deerfoot Blue Ridge Session Dates Coming Soon!

Registration: Registration begin this December.  Specific dates and times will be published soon.

Multiple Session Registration Policy:
 Campers may register for one session only prior to March 1. Those wishing to come two sessions may be asked to be placed on waiting list which will not be used until March 1. On March 1, already registered campers may register for a second session where spaces are available.

Camp Fees
All forms and paid balance are required 4 weeks before the session begins.

2018 Standard Session Fees (2019 rates to be published soon)
Registration Fee (non-refundable) $300
Camper Fee $1090
Total Cost (registration fee + camper fee) $1390

Programs with Special Fees
Allagash Voyageur Trip Special river use fee $275
Father/Son Weekend $100/father and $30/son 
Guide Summer $2780

Trading Post deposit (recommended) $80.  This deposit covers T-shirts, crafts, activity supplies, and snacks/refreshments. A $80 deposit is recommended; all unspent funds will be returned at the end of the session. 

Airport Transportation - Deerfoot will transport registered campers to/from Albany International Airport.  There is no fee (donations are welcome).  Campers must reserve a shuttle seat with the camp office in advance.    

In an effort to keep camper fees manageable for the average family, Camper fees cover only two thirds of Deerfoot's operational expenses.  The remaining third comes from contributions by DL families who believe in the mission to build godly men.  Even with camper fees one third lower than total cost per camper, there are many campers who would not be able to come without scholarship help. Historically, DL has sought to provide scholarship assistance to these campers and has been able to do so through contributions to the Camper Scholarship Fund.

If a scholarship is necessary for your camper to be able to attend, please request a scholarship application form when you register, even if you have received scholarship assistance in a prior year. Deerfoot Lodge, through designated contributions of other DL families and through the camper scholarship endowment incomes, will seek to provide the balance of funds needed to cover the total camper fee. If we do not know you or your situation first-hand, we will ask for a letter from your pastor or someone known by us to confirm the need. If everything checks out and we have the dollars, we will help.

Cancellation Policy:  The Registration Fee is non-refundable.  The camper fee will be refunded for cancellations that occur no later than four weeks before the start of the session.  

Daily Schedule
Here's a typical day at DL...

7:00 AM - Staff Prayer Meeting
7:30 AM - Reveille / Cabin Clean-up 
8:00 AM - Quiet Time 
8:25 AM - Flag Raising 
8:30 AM - Breakfast 
9:00 AM - Singing & Bible Study 
9:45 AM - 1st Instructional Period 
11:00 AM - 2nd Instructional Period 
12:30 PM - Lunch 
1:15 PM - Rest Period 
2:15 PM - 3rd Instructional Period 
3:30 PM - Flex Time 
5:40 PM - Flag Lowering 
5:45 PM - Supper 
6:30 PM - Flex Time 
7:15 PM - Evening Activity 
8:45 PM - Cabin Devos  
9:15 PM - Taps 

The Awards Program
Deerfoot provides excellent facilities for a wilderness camping experience, and offers an extensive instructional program that enables campers to learn a variety of outdoor skills. Awards can be earned in the following instructional areas:

Archery Handicraft Swimming Campcraft Riflery Tripping
Canoeing Sailing Wildlife Fishing Survival  

The Awards Program gives an opportunity to select broad areas of interest. The pursuit
of achievement in program areas offers a chance  to discover, to excel, and to grow both in skill level and in relationship with God. In each of 11 instruction areas campers can earn a Basic, Advanced, and finally a Master's award. Those who earn 3 Master's awards receive their merit "D". Young men who earn 6 Master's attain the coveted honor "D." Those earning an Honor "D" who also demonstrate leadership ability and spiritual maturity are eligible for Deerfoot's highest honor: membership in the Lone Eagle Fellowship. Candidates who choose to become Lone Eagles take part in an initiation ceremony that requires the applicant to spend a night alone on the mountain with the Lord, where they select a Lone Eagle name of spiritual significance which they keep for the rest of their lives.

Age Groupings
Campers are divided by age into 3 sections: Woodsmen, Pioneers, and Indians. Within sections, campers are divided into cabin groups, again by age. Each section works in the same instructional area together. Cabin groups eat together in the dining hall, and also hike together during the first of the two overnight hikes. 

The Woodsmen (Ages 9-12) 
The Woodsmen live in cabins in the woods near the center of camp. Overnight hikes may include: 
Dug Mountain 
Jessup River 
Pillsbury Mountain and Fire Tower 
Chimney Mountain
The Pioneers (Ages 13-14)
The Pioneers live in cabins on the Point. Overnight hikes for this age group may include: 
Blue Mountain 
Wakley Mountain 
Fulton Chain of Lakes (canoe hike) 
Indian Lake (canoe hike) 
Northville-Lake Placid Trail
The Indians (Ages 15-16)
The Indians live in tipis on the Island. Overnight hikes may include: 
Mount Marcy 
Mount Colden 
Other Adirondack High Peaks 
Fulton Chain of Lakes (canoe hike) 
Spruce Lake (canoe hike) 
Cedar Lake (canoe hike) 
Snowy Mountain 
Bushwacking to Owl Pond

The Voyageur Program

In this special program, up to 10 Deerfooters are teamed with 2 counselors to provide an extensive tripping experience. The Voyageur Program is designed to offer a high degree of challenge which will greatly sharpen wilderness skills, build self-confidence and strengthen a young man's relationship with God. Applicants must have had one session on the Island and demonstrated aptitude for the trip.

The 2018 Voyageur Trips
Trip 1: (June 23-July 7) Canoe Maine 's Allagash River. (This trip costs an extra $275 for a special river use fee). 
Trip 2: (July 7-21) Same as above. 
Trip 3: (July 21-August 4) 10 day backpacking trip in the High Peaks. Trip B 
Trip 4: (August 4-August 18) 10 day backpacking trip in the High Peaks. Trip A 

The Guide Program
This  staff training program is the primary source of Deerfoot's excellent staff.
Recommended in writing by the staff to the director, Guide candidates must be 17 or 18 years of age by the first day of session 1. Candidates complete a standard four page staff application and are interviewed by Director. Selections are based upon leadership readiness, spiritual maturity, and camping skills. Besides learning how to be counselors, Guides spend time hiking in the High Peaks, canoeing in Maine, and training for Life Guard, CPR, and First Aid certifications. Guides will also gain experience serving in maintenance, the kitchen, and as assistant counselors. Leadership responsibility and personal challenge are provided as we seek to build godly men and future staff for Deerfoot. Cost: $2780, the fee for two sessions.

The Father/Son Weekend 
Through this special program, fathers can enjoy a piece of the Deerfoot experience with their sons. In order for a father to be eligible, his son must have been a camper in the session immediately prior to the weekend in which he will participate. Fathers arrive Friday afternoon for the banquet dinner at 5:45, and spend the night in a cabin. The next day, fathers and their sons will hike Dug Mt., and then camp at sites around Whitaker lake. The hike is a 6 mile round trip on a rugged trail. Since it is considered a moderate to strenuous hike, dads should assess their physical readiness for the trip before registering. The weekend concludes the Sunday morning, when fathers depart with their sons. Space is limited to 10-12 Fathers.  In order to avail this opportunity to as many dads as possible, we limit the experience to two years per dad. 

2018 Father/Son Dates:
Session 1: July 6-8 
Session 2: July 20-22
Session 3: August 3-5
Cost: $100 /father, $30 /son.